MRIF Dates
May 26 - 5PM-11PM
May 27 - 9AM-11PM
May 28 - 10AM-5PM

13th Annual Missouri River Irish Fest!

Come join us for a weekend filled with Music, Crafts, Food and Beverages as we celebrate the Irish Culture.

Artistically Crafted!
Come Join Us for a session of Crafting your own Blue Moon Glass! Details are here - Blue Moon

The Elders will return to St. Charles for the Mo River Irish Fest

The Elders will once again headline the 2017 Missouri River Irish Festival!

The Elders were founded in 1998 by six individuals with a passion for music rooted in Americana and Celtic folk rock. From the beginning The Elders seemed to be channeling something ancient and enduring – something unaffected by fads, trends and the giant maw of mind-numbing commercialism. Their ability to bring together the art of story telling with elements both musically progressive and rooted in tradition, has won them a broad international fan base, as well as critical acclaim in numerous publications such as PASTE Magazine, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, Music Row Magazine, Goldmine Magazine, TRAD Magazine (France), Chicago Sun-Times, Kansas City Star and many more.

The Elders have headlined major Celtic Festivals in North America and Europe.  For the past 14 years they have sponsored a tour of Ireland in which fans are invited to join in on an extraordinary 13 day excursion visiting historical and geographical sights during the day and gathering at a local pub or ballroom at night for pints and performances by the band.

Ian Byrne – vocals, drums, percussion, whistle
Steve Phillips – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Diana Ladio – fiddle
Brent Hoad – vocals, keyboards, fiddle, guitar
Norm Dahlor – vocals, bass, guitar, banjo
Kian Byrne – vocals, drums, bass, mandolin